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Up and Down – Coming soon

Paw – A short film take from the classic tale of the Monkey’s Paw.

Ryan Can’t Read – During a meltdown outside the job centre, Ryan meets Tyrone, who offers to help him turn his life around. See more:

Ryan Can’t Read was backed by Evolution Film during post-production. 

British Academy Research

This higher education (HE) and industry collaboration tackles a dual need through meeting the UK film industry’s screenwriting skills gap by enabling those with mental ill-health and/or disabilities to join the industry. The UK film industry is booming. Nw Sky Studios in Elstree alone will create 3,000 jobs. Inward investment in the industry is £3 billion with the domestic industry matching this figure. The industry is struggling to find employees who have the necessary skills in screenwriting. This project analyses this opportunity through expanding the knowledge of mental health and disability in HE and the film industry advancing screenwriting quality and employment.

Film Submissions

If you are interested in joining our project or submitting a film to our YouTube Channel, please contact the project team at:

Treatment Submissions

If you are interested in submitting a treatment for us to review, please use the following form on the following page to send us the copy. Try to keep your documents to under 2mb, and please send only Pdf or Word files.

Screenplay Open Submission 2023 – July 4 to July 25 

Please send a logline/half page treatment and short film script (max. 15 minutes) to

This is an opportunity for new writers to break into the industry who have a disability and/or mental health issue.

For the right script this is a paid opportunity. We will only respond to those scripts that we might be interested in.

Evolution Film

Founded in 2022, Evolution Film aims to provide equal opportunities for people wanting to work in film and television who have a disability

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