2022 Disability Matters Europe Conference

Rayna Lountzis and a panel of creatives who self identify as being on the spectrum joined Springboard Consulting LLC “2022 Disability Matters Europe International Conference” online in a heartfelt and authentic discussion on The Film Industries & Persons with Disabilities.

Watch the replay here, discussion starts at 02:37:00.

Neurodiversity & the Irish Screen Industries

The We Make Film project in partnership with Kriti Film Club ran a screening of documentaries I Didn’t See You There (Reid Davenport, 2022) and We Make Film (Dr. Shweta Ghosh, 2021) on 23rd July 2022.

The screenings were followed by a panel discussion with Reid Davenport and Shweta Ghosh, joined by guest speakers Dr. Anita Ghai (academic), Prateek Vats (independent filmmaker), Sumit Singh (participatory video specialist/filmmaker) and Priyanka Pal (film accessibility specialist/filmmaker).

Neurodiversity and the Irish Screen Industries Part 1 on Vimeo

BFI Skills Resources

The UK film and high-end television (HETV) production sector is unrecognisable from when we published our Future Film Skills Action Plan back in 2017. Our studios and crew have long been the driving force behind some of the biggest and most successful film and HETV in recent decades, but more recently the sheer volume of large scale productions being produced in the UK has risen exponentially.


Disability Arts Online

We are an organisation led by disabled people, set up to advance disability arts and culture through our journal. Our raison d’être is to support disabled artists, by getting the word out about the fantastic art being produced within the sector.


ADA @31: A Focus on the Future – Disabled Directors Leading the Way

Just a handful of directors in the Directors Guild of America identify as disabled. The RespectAbility Lab for Entertainment Professionals with Disabilities is aiming to change this. 


FWD-Doc: Documentary Filmmakers With Disabilities

We are a group of filmmakers with disabilities (FWDs) working in documentary film — and our active allies. We believe that coming together as a community allows us to support each other and advocate for ourselves with greater power. 


Evolution Film

Founded in 2022, Evolution Film aims to provide equal opportunities for people wanting to work in film and television who have a disability

Evolution Film, The Gateway
Leicester, LE1 9BH